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What to Do When You Accidentely Text Your Co-Worker to Bring You a Blanket at Midnight

In terms of embarrassing things ever done, texting a co-worker late at night probably ranks among the highest. So when I, having just been told by my boyfriend not to forget my blanket before heading to bed, did just that and forgot my blanket, things took a turn for the worse. I immediately realized my mistake as I crested the stairs. But, unwilling to brave the cold stairs a second time, I resignedly texted my boyfriend to bring my blanket, knowing full well he would make fun of me. That’s when things really fell apart. Glancing down to check the time, I registered that he was responding as my iPhone’s text screen displayed that standard “…” to indicate a response is being written. My eyes slid up to the name positioned at the top of the screen and my insides began to writhe in fear. For written there, clear as day, was the name, Scott. Perhaps you think that my boyfriend’s name is Scott, however, you’d be incorrect. My boyfriend’s name is Jon, and Scott a manager on my team