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How to Manage a Side Hustle While Working Full Time

The gig economy is booming and millennials are making up a large portion of workers with side hustles or who rely on the gig economy for their main income. According to Deloitte , “Self-employment in the United States could triple to 42 million workers by 2020, and 42 percent of those people are likely to be millennials.” This is both a good and a bad thing for millennials. For some, it means flexing their entrepreneurial muscles and trying to make a go of a new business idea. For others, it means that their main income source isn’t enough to support them and their families. The gig economy constitutes an environment where temporary and flexible jobs are typical and where many businesses prefer to hire independent contractors or freelancers instead of full-time talent. This is one way for employers to get out of paying for benefits like health insurance but is also a great way for smaller companies to get a start with supplemental talent as they need it. Managing a side hust